Pet Rescue by Judy


Who is Pet Rescue by Judy? Pet Rescue By Judy is a non-profit "NO KILL" organization dedicated to the Rescuing, Rehabilitation, Resocializing and Rehoming of Companion Animals. Many of them have medical needs. Pet Rescue by Judy takes care of them as best as they can. 

Since we love to make things here we decided it would be great to come up with a line of mugs specifically designated to help Pet Rescue by Judy. So, when you purchase one of the Red Color Mugs shown above, 20% of the profits will be donated to Pet Rescue by Judy, a local rescue located in Sanford, FL. Whether you shop online or at a local market or event, these funds will go to help an animal in need of finding their forever home. 

For More Information

Visit Pet Rescue by Judy's website to learn more about the amazing work they do and to see all of the available animals that they have ready for adoption right now. Find out how you can make a differene!

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